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Notifications are messages that communicate information to the user. The three variants of notifications are toast notifications, inline notifications, and actionable notifications.

v11 update: An actionable variant has been added to the notification component. Actionable notifications allow for interactive elements within a notification, like buttons. Toast and inline notification no longer allow any interactive elements. For v10 implementation guidance, go to v10 Notification.


When to use

Use notifications to inform users of updates or changes to system status. Communicating with users and providing immediate feedback are important for building trust. While notifications are an effective method of communicating with users, they are disruptive and should be used sparingly.

For more context on when to use each notification variant, including modals, refer to the notifications pattern. Carbon only supports inline, toast, actionable, and modal notification variants, although some product teams also support banners and notification centers.


InlineInline notifications show up in task flows, to notify users of the status of an action. They usually appear at the top of the primary content area.
ToastToasts are non-modal, time-based window elements used to display short messages; they usually appear at the top of the screen and disappear after a few seconds.
ActionableActionable notifications allow for interactive elements within a notification styled like an inline or toast notification.

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