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Ready to make the move to Carbon v11? Our Migration Guide helps designers and developers learn more about this release and get started migrating to v11


Carbon v11 focuses on quality of life updates for designers and developers. The highlights of this release include:

  • Changes to how we name our tokens to make them easier to use
  • Improved theming to enable light and dark mode support in product
  • The introduction of CSS Grid to build robust layouts on top of the 2x grid
  • A 90% decrease in compilation for Styles from Carbon
  • Updates to the accessibility of our components

With no changes to the IBM Design Language, v11 will not require any brand-driven product redesigns.

To learn more about everything included in this release, check out our Updates section. To get started migrating, visit out our Getting started section below.

Getting started

Whether you are a designer or a developer, we have curated guidance ready for you as your team makes their migration. Dive in using one of the looks below to get started.


Watch Carbon developers Abbey Hart and Josh Black showcase some of the latest features and enhancements in v11, including theming and CSS Grid by catching the Carbon and IDL weekly design playback. In a collaboration with IBM Bluetalks, watch Josefina Mancilla show off layering and storybook among many other exciting new things that come with our latest version in her talk, Carbon v11: The One with the Cool Stuff.