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Design kits

Rapidly build beautiful and accessible experiences. The Carbon kit Sketch contains all resources you need to get started.

Get the kit

1. Install Sketch.

To design with Carbon you must have the most recent version of Sketch installed.

2. Choose a theme.

There are four Carbon themes, two light (White and Gray 10) and two dark (Gray 90 and Gray 100). Each theme lives in its own Sketch library. You can subscribe to as many libraries as you’d like.

3. Bring in additional colors and icons.

Additional color collections live in the IBM Design Language library. Icons live in two different libraries separated by size.

4. Download the grid templates.

Visit the Sketch library page and choose Download Document from the right-side panel.

Open the file in Sketch. Navigate to File → Save as Template. You can now access the saved grid template at File → New file from Template.

Start designing

To get started with Carbon, familiarize yourself with the contents of each library.

Start with the grid.

At the top of your screen, navigate to File → New file from Template and select your grid template. You’ll always be able to find the template here.

Icons and color swatches.

Symbols from both the IBM Design Language library and the Carbon library are accessible from any Sketch document. Navigate to Insert → Symbols → Carbon Design System or IBM Design Language.

You’re all set.

Refer to the content below for a more detailed breakdown of the kit, or head to Sketch to begin designing.

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