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Data table

Data tables are used to organize and display data efficiently. The data table component allows for customization with additional functionality, as needed by your product’s users.


The data table’s features are ideal for organizing and displaying data in a UI. The column headers can sort data in ascending or descending order, rows can be expanded to progressively disclose information, and single or batch actions can be taken on rows.

The data table toolbar gives a location for primary buttons, search, filtering, table display settings, and other utilities.

When to use

  • To organize and display data.
  • If your user must navigate to a specific piece of data to complete a task.
  • Displaying all of a user’s resources.

When not to use

  • When a more complex display of the data or interactions are required.
  • As a replacement for a spreadsheet application.

Data table variants

DefaultThe basic data table has only the header and table element rows. It is available in five row sizes.
With selectionThe selection variant enables users to select individual rows in a data table. Selection options include a single-select radio button option and a multi-select checkbox option. Users can perform a single action or batch actions against selected items.
With expansionThe expandable variant helps present large amounts of data in a small space. Users can expand and collapse row panels to reveal and hide additional information.

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