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Code snippet

No accessibility annotations are needed for code snippets, but keep these considerations in mind if you are modifying Carbon or creating a custom component.

What Carbon provides

Carbon bakes keyboard operation into its components, as well as many other accessibility considerations.

Keyboard interaction

For all three variants, the code snippet can be copied with Space or Enter. Arrow keys can operate scroll bars.

inline code snippet keyboard interaction

By default, each inline code snippet is reachable by Tab and copied with Space or Enter.

single line code snippet interaction, with 2 tab stops

The single line code snippet tabstop supports left and right arrow key scrolling.

multi-line code snippet keyboard interaction

The multi-line’s buttons are reachable by Tab and activated with Space or Enter.

Labeling and updates

Carbon provides the copy button’s default label and tooltip behavior. Carbon handles notices about the success of the copy function, as well as updates to the Show more mechanism.

hovering on the button exposes ‘copy to clipboard’ tooltip

The code snippet’s buttons expose their labels on hover or focus.

the activated button shows a ‘copied!’ message

The results of activating buttons are provided in text.

Development considerations

Keep this in mind if you are modifying Carbon or creating a custom component:

  • the inline code text is implemented as a button so its text can be copied
  • single line snippets take an additional tabstop to support arrow key scrolling