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Inline loading


ClassPropertyColor token
.cds--loading__backgroundstroke$border-subtle *
status: finishedsvg$support-success
status: finishedsvg$support-error

* Denotes a contextual color token that will change values based on the layer it is placed on.

Example of inline loading states


Text should be set in sentence case, with only the first word in a phrase and any proper nouns capitalized.

ElementFont-size (px/rem)Font-weightType token
Text12 / 0.75Regular / 400$label-01


ClassPropertypx / remSpacing token
Spinnerwidth, height16 / 1
Checkmarkwidth, height16 / 1
Inline loading spinner structure measurements


The inline loading component should appear during any user action loading. If button is used to trigger the action, the inline loading component should replace that button.

Inline loading spinner in context example

Structure measurements for small and large loading spinner | px / rem