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Migration guide

The repository structure was overhauled during the transition from v9 to v10. Carbon code now lives in a monorepo.

Repo architecture

Carbon-themes was deprecated in v10, and the themes package @carbon/themes now lives in the Carbon monorepo.

Carbon components

Carbon components were reskinned in v10. The redesign was conducted with maximum backwards compatibility in mind. Users of v9 should be able to upgrade to v10 automatically with minimal breakage.

Detailed technical migration docs for Carbon components are available in the carbon-components repo. Here you will find links to component-level migration information, as well as a list of those components that have been removed or are under development.

There is also a dedicated Sass migration guide that covers changes to global styling.

Carbon elements

All technical migration docs for Carbon elements are available in the carbon monorepo docs folder.


The @carbon/icons package can be now be found in the Carbon monorepo.

The Carbon icons demo contains a master table for all Carbon icons, including name, size, preview, download links, quick links for filing issues, module name, and relative path.


The v10 color token architecture is based on the v9 architecture, with some minor changes to align with the design language. Carbon v9 product teams will see automatic, non-breaking color updates when they upgrade to v10.


The type token architecture was redesigned for better clarity and flexibility. V10 moves from a basic type scale model to a more robust token-based architecture.

Layout, grid, and spacing

Token names changed in v10 but spacing values did not.


Carbon adheres to IBM Design Language motion standards. Motion updates should be coordinated with your product’s design team.