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Carbon is always getting better. This happens through feature and usability upgrades to our elements, components, and patterns. It also happens through exploration and experimentation by the individuals and teams who use Carbon.

The content in the community assets section has changed. With the release of new Carbon platform, the community index on this site is no longer available. Read below to learn more about what’s changing with community assets and where they can now be found.

A new community experience

Carbon relies heavily on our community to contribute to and grow the system; therefore, we are making contributions easier by releasing a new platform. The new Carbon platform allows maintainers to classify libraries and assets by applying a common schema allowing all assets in both core and local systems (previously referred to as PALs) to be documented in one experience. The platform catalogs now include core and local systems, enabling teams to access documentation for all indexed assets and libraries without leaving the platform.

Learn more about How Carbon works and the Roadmap.


A diagram of the greater Carbon ecosystem.