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Community components

These components are developed and maintained by members of the Carbon community. For support, contact the contributors listed on each page. They are not supported by the core Carbon team.

These components may change over time, and they may be incomplete or experimental. For work that has been approved for universal use by the Carbon governance board, see Carbon components.

This content is accessible to IBMers only.

Community components
CardsA flexible container that groups related blocks of content and information into one understandable unit.
ChipsDisplays user initials as a simple indicator of ownership.
Enhanced data tableOffers additional components that can be layered onto the default Carbon data table. Functionalities include row height settings, hide and show columns, and several filtering options.
Error boundaryUsed to prevent JavaScript code from crashing React apps.
List builderAllows users to create lists by selecting from a predefined set of items.
Rule builderUsed to visually build rules from logical statements with AND and OR operators.
Side panelUsed for keeping context while performing a task like editing, viewing details, or creating something new on a page.
WidgetProvides a summary of a platform functionality, status, or individual service.